He’s not going anywhere.

You would assume that a rational person, presented with a similar situation as Donald Trump, would waver given the option of removing an active FBI Director, especially if it would increase the whispers of impeachments to screams. Who really cares for optics anyway? Trump’s admiration of self-destruction appears to be the only thread of consistency to appear in this White House. Growing increasingly disparaged, some individuals are having a hard time understanding why Trump continues to act so irresponsibly. Trump continues to act in ways that avoid forethought at all costs. Trump continually has shown that his decisions rely on the opinions of those whom he has last spoken with, and poorly at that. Trump recently attempted to pull together a string of sentences when asked about the future of USS Ford-Class Carriers in Time magazine. It is objectively incoherent.

Trump, while lacking the resources of a sensible individual, is not without some talent.  Most impressive perhaps is the stunning verbal high wire act he performed in his recent on-air interview with Lester Holt. Trump revealed, despite what Rod Rosenstein and the Deputy General’s office had recommended, that he had been thinking about firing Comey since inauguration day. Trump, rather confidently, continued to add that he had been simultaneously thinking about the Russia investigation while making this decision. Personally, the discovery that Trump was capable of holding two simultaneous thoughts, was more shocking than the news itself. His remark was not exactly the admission of an impeachable offense as many thought, as he immediately added that the Comey firing could lead to a longer investigation, which he wanted “to be absolutely done properly.” He was as close to admitting an impeachable offense on TV as he could but was able to shimmy away rather obtusely. This provided viewers another glimpse into an unbalanced internal dialogue that renders Trump useless against the virtue of reason.

I fear that this act will continue, well beyond 2018. 2018 has continued to be a beacon of hope for most Democrats as the majority of the seats in Congress will be up for grabs. I must confess, I fear Trump is here for good and will remain in his seat until 2020. His base is unwavering and refuses to shift on any attempt to besmirch the president. If the economy performs positively well in 2018, and the Russia investigation continues to lose steam, Trump will remain. Some have suggested that Trump could be removed under a 25th amendment solution , which would require Republican leaders like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, and most importantly Mike Pence to claim Trump unfit for office. I don’t know about you, but I won’t be holding my breath.