Immigration Issues Persist Abroad

It would appear that with the second round of the French Election upon us the tired old argument of nationalism vs globalism will rear its ugly head once again. Marine Le Pen, leader of Front National, a populist party which often blends both socialist and far right ideologies into one has made it to the second round of the French Election, squared off against Emanuel Macron. Macron a technocratic elite, who launched from one of France’s leading civil servant schools must apparently “hold the line” to more “extreme, racist, and xeno-phobic” policies of Le Pen. Current PM Francis Hollande, as well as leader of “The Republicans” Francios Fillon has thrown their support to Macron, seemingly pleading with the French people to make the right decision.

The major issue from which people seem to be making a distinction is immigration. Le Pen noted as an staunch anti-immigration politician has called for closed borders and a “Frexit” in attempt to regain French Sovereignty and order among its borders. Macron is in favor of increasing border security and control, but has not dipped his feet into anti-immigration rhetoric.  While “stricter control” seems to be a half-baked rhetoric to control France’s borders, his support almost 25% ahead of Le Pen. Stricter control of borders is an absolute necessity moving forward for all countries, however numerous politicians around the world including Macron will not, and should not fall victim to spouting inflammatory rhetoric, a strategy that has seemingly paid off for him.