He’s not going anywhere.

You would assume that a rational person, notably, a commander in chief would have some reservations about firing the FBI director, especially if it allowed for any potential conversations of impeachment. However, Trump’s admiration of self-destruction is the only thread of consistency available in this White House. Growing increasingly disparaged, most individuals are having a hard time understanding what Trump does, and why he does it. If I were to propose that as a fun thought exercise, it would render intelligent individuals discouraged and without hope. Trump acts in a way that avoids forethought at all costs. Trump decides how he feels about any particular subject on that very day, perhaps the very moment when he is finally confronted on a subject. For instance, Trump recently attempted to pull together a string of words when asked about the future of USS Ford-Class Carriers in Time magazine. It is objectively incoherent.

Trump, while lacking the resources of a sensible individual, is not without some talent.  Most impressive perhaps, is the stunning verbal high wire act he preformed in his recent on-air interview with Lester Holt. Trump revealed, despite what Rod Rosenstein and the Deputy General’s office had recommended, that he had been thinking about firing Comey since inauguration day. He went on to state that he had been also been simultaneously thinking about the Russia investigation while making this decision. Personally, the revelation that Trump is capable of holding two simultaneous thoughts in his head was more shocking than the news itself. His remark was not exactly the admission of an impeachable offense as many thought, as he immediately added that the Comey firing could lead to a longer investigation, which he wanted “to be absolutely done properly.” He was as close to admitting an impeachable offense on TV as he could, but he shimmied away just in the knick of time. This provided viewers another glimpse into an unbalanced internal dialogue that renders Trump useless against the temptation of reason.

I fear that this act will continue, well beyond 2018, which has been a small glimmer of hope for most democrats as the majority of the seats in congress will be up for grabs. Trump is here for good and will remain in his seat until 2020 unless a 25th amendment solution is drawn up. This would require Republican leaders like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, and most importantly Mike Pence to claim Trump unfit for office. I don’t know about you, but I won’t be holding my breath.




Comey is back at it, 166 days later!

Today’s New York Times headline read as the following:  “Comey Tried to Shield the F.B.I. From Politics. Then He Shaped an Election. ” Today’s date is April 23rd, 2017, exactly 166 Days after the presidential election. While hilarious, Liberals appear to be following an “accuracy by volume” approach, whereby they grasp at literally anything to avoid any self-examination. Russians, Comey, Wiki-Leaks, Racism, Sexism etc. have coalesced together create a Testudo like formation from which Democrats shield themselves from any type of mobility or vulnerability.

Surely after Trump’s victory they would have seen the rotten the fruits of their labor, and re-adjust accordingly.  Sadly however, I continue to see articles from major sources of news like NYT, VOX and CNN herding scapegoats in an endless search for the nail in the coffin of the Donald Trump presidency.  Democrats have decided prima facie on this fact, and I’m not sure anything will ever change their mind.

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