The Gift of Gab

Illegal immigration, a much disputed topic of both the left and the right. A topic so toxic, that the middle ground between the two is disintegrating a pace faster than Trumps “Wall.” I won’t repeat Trump’s words on illegal immigration, because I believe by know we have a general gist of what he is in favor of. What is most fascinating to me, is that his rhetoric has been unmatched by the number of non-criminal deportations in the United States. Totaling around 5,500 interior deportations at this point, seems relatively small compared to the media blowout. This is also a staggeringly small amount compared to 29,000 border deportations in 2014 under the Obama administration. While some Republicans and progressives alike recognized Obama as the “Deporter in Chief”, this seems to be one of the many Obama era statistics that is glossed over. While I in no way support how Trump has characterized illegal immigrants, I still find myself wondering are actions more or less important than rhetoric? In an extreme example if Trump speaks negatively about illegal immigrants and then enacts no policies to actually reduce the amount of illegal immigrants, does this by result create a system of hostility, regardless of the actions being taken? On the flip side, if you have someone like Obama who speaks very positively about illegal immigrants, but enacts policies that are increasingly harsh against them, who would be more you more willing to entrust power to?

Article that made me talk about this.