Comey is back at it, 166 days later!

Today’s New York Times headline read as the following:  “Comey Tried to Shield the F.B.I. From Politics. Then He Shaped an Election. ” Today’s date is April 23rd, 2017, exactly 166 Days after the presidential election. While hilarious, Liberals appear to be following an “accuracy by volume” approach, whereby they grasp at literally anything to avoid any self-examination. Russians, Comey, Wiki-Leaks, Racism, Sexism etc. have coalesced together create a Testudo like formation from which Democrats shield themselves from any type of mobility or vulnerability.

Surely after Trump’s victory they would have seen the rotten the fruits of their labor, and re-adjust accordingly.  Sadly however, I continue to see articles from major sources of news like NYT, VOX and CNN herding scapegoats in an endless search for the nail in the coffin of the Donald Trump presidency.  Democrats have decided prima facie on this fact, and I’m not sure anything will ever change their mind.

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